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The first thing that you should try doing is disabling your filtering software. Sometimes filtering software (especially Covenant Eyes) interferes with our databases. Follow the instructions below and then see if you are able to access the databases. If you are still having trouble accessing the databases please contact the Reference Desk at SEBTS at 919-761-2258 or


Steps for managing filter setting on Covenant Eyes:

(Taken from Wheaton College)

The Covenant Eyes software installed on your computer is blocking access to the EBSCOhost webpages. In order to access these databases on your computer, they need to be "whitelisted," or added to the list of acceptable URLS, so the software knows not to block them. This can only be done on each individual subscriber's computer, and cannot be done at the library/campus level.

Whoever manages the filter settings for the Covenant Eyes subscription can make these changes through the Covenant Eyes "My Account" page. The EBSCO support page at has all the information needed for EBSCOhost to be allowed. The specific URLs needed may vary depending on which databases you are trying to use.

You can contact Covenant Eyes support directly for help allowing these websites:

Toll Free: 1.877.479.1119

Outside the USA: +1.989.720.8000

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